Working Solution

Esacco has been working for over two years, several organizations have trusted Esacco for their operations to great satisfaction. With real-time (24/07) support we guarantee you smooth transition to harnessing the power of Esacco.

Secure Operations

Your data is 100% safe ! What would happen if you lost all the computers. Esacco ensures your data is encrypted, intruders cannot make sense of the data without Esacco installation. Esacco ensures redundant data backup locally and remotely, even with loss of your computer, your data is safe. Never again worry about unauthorized access, assign specific roles to system users and audit their activities on the system.

Scalable Solution

This is a precise solution, customized for your particular need, enforce all your unique by-laws, policy and regulations smoothly, add features as you grow. Irrespective of your size, diverse requirements and challenges, Esacco guarantees satisfaction. Never again pay for unnecessary baggage !.

ESACCO - Most Trusted SACCO Software in Kenya. Try Us Today For FREE

Esacco is a local solution designed to manage needs of saving & credit cooperative organizations (SACCOs), Matatu Saccos, Welfare groups, Chamas, Pension schemes and other Micro-finance organizations; promoting accountability, transparency, enhancing efficiency and cost cutting.

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Support round the clock is a guarantee, we support you via online chats, phone, emails,onlines tool like Teamviewer and even site visits. We are 24/07 listening to you.

Esacco adheres to the SASRA SACCO Information Management guidelines.The system can process transactions and generate standard & valuable reports as guided by the overseeing Authority.

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Esacco taps into the modern technology, enjoy the convenience of SMS alert on specific account activities, generate account statement from your phone, apply for a loan using your phone, receive account statement via email, communicate to your SACCO via their web portal 24/07.

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